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Here an now Kanji

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Here an now Kanji

Postby fsimo » Fri 04.22.2005 4:16 am


I would like to know the kanji for "here and now" concept.
I found now as it http://fran.inhubi.com/konkin.png
But "here and now" is a central concept in zen and it could be possible to exist one Kanji for the meaning.

Thanks to all.

(write to web@inhubi.com)
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RE: Here an now Kanji

Postby Mukade » Fri 04.22.2005 9:42 pm

I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but here are a couple possibilities:

色 (in the Buddhist context, read as しき)
This is often translated as form, and (in a very simplified nutshell) refers to the physical reality or matter that we (think we) see, touch and live in everyday.

限 (again, in Buddhism, read as げん)
This is used to refer to the physical world or universe itself, and might be closer to the "here and now" that you are looking for.

For example, when Buddhism refers to the world that we live in as being illusory, it will talk about 無限 (むげん) - "no realm/reality." (For those of you into Buddhist philosophy, this term can also mean "no sight" and "no limits" - interesting to think about the implications of combining "realm/sight/limit" into a single concept.)

They will also, however, often talk about "form is empty/emptiness," in which case they will say 色即是空 (しきそくぜくう). They will also say the converse, that "emptiness is form" - 空即是色 (くうそくぜしき).

In ordinary conversation, however, you would talk about "reality" or "existence" as 現実 (げんじつ). (Again, in an interesting confluence of concepts, 現実 can mean either "reality" or "truth.")
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RE: Here an now Kanji

Postby fsimo » Mon 04.25.2005 4:34 am

This may explain better my search.

When the mind empties and the intellect is calm, peaceful, at rest, nothing obstructs the deep intuitive and unlimited life force that springs up from the depths of our being, that which precedes all thought, the eternal flow of the activity of the Cosmos. Practicing zazen, sitting concentration, without object or goal, you can experience hishiryo and understand mushotoku, the secret and essence of Zen. But this understanding must be beyond that of common sense or intellectual logic. It is direct perception, here and now.


I'm looking fot that "It is direct perception, here and now."

Tnahks agian
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RE: Here an now Kanji

Postby fsimo » Fri 09.30.2005 3:22 am

I find it!!!!

soku-shin-ze-butsu (即心是佛)

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RE: Here an now Kanji

Postby skrhgh3b » Fri 09.30.2005 2:38 pm

heheheheheheh... you said 色 :D
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