Train Stations

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Train Stations

Post by I-samu » Sat 12.08.2007 11:50 pm

I need help navigating through train stations.
last time, I had family and stuff help me around, It looked and seemed so complicated to find your platform, station, etc...

So how do you navigate through them?
How do you know which platform your train will come in on?
Any tips?
How do you read the signs?

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RE: Train Stations

Post by Shirasagi » Sun 12.09.2007 12:07 am

Everything is color coded and all signs are in English. If by chance you find yourself out somewhere where there's no English on the signs, there will pretty much just be one station, one track, and two platforms.
Josh Reyer

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RE: Train Stations

Post by two_heads_talking » Mon 12.10.2007 10:40 am

It depends. the train stations in Tokyo take some getting used to.

the train stations in Sendai are not so complicated.

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