Post Jouyou Kanji & Learning Non-Jouyou Kanji : methods , ti

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Post Jouyou Kanji & Learning Non-Jouyou Kanji : methods , ti

Post by Alghazanth » Mon 12.10.2007 3:45 am

I have been studying 常用 漢字by learning a fixed amount of new kanji everyday ; writing down multiple times and learning the words that the kanji is used in. And having short reviews of past few days everyday ; and longer reviews in weekends.

It somehow seemed to go well and now ; even there are times I can't sound a kanji when I see or forgot writing a certain one ; can read manga and a bit of newspapers

What I have been thinking about is ; finding a way to to the same thing for common non-jouyou kanji and continue studying at the same pace.
When I come across them in anime and manga ,kanji such as 蠍,烏,呪 I can check them out from Wakan or 国語辞典and add them to my 'collection' ; but couldn't find a convenient way of gathering and making study lists for them

How do you do it ? Any advice?

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RE: Post Jouyou Kanji & Learning Non-Jouyou Kanji : methods

Post by EvanT » Mon 12.10.2007 4:12 am

Regardless of whether they're Jouyou or not, you can learn kanji in thematic bunches, rather than just what you encounter, for instance wheather phenomena, animals, plants whatever you fancy. IMO, the more interested you're in the category you pick, the better the chances of easily memorizing them.

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RE: Post Jouyou Kanji & Learning Non-Jouyou Kanji : methods

Post by hungryhotei » Mon 12.10.2007 7:24 am

I never thought 呪 wasn't joyo. My opinion of the relevance of that list just fell another peg, if that is even possible.

I don't see why you can't learn non-joyo kanji you come across in exactly the same way as joyo kanji that you encounter?

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