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Spreadsheet for Kanji practice.

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Spreadsheet for Kanji practice.

Postby Daichi » Tue 09.27.2005 7:43 am

Not too long ago, someone posted a suggestion that using a spreadsheet program would be useful for practicing or testing oneself on Kanji, because you can hide individual columns, depending on which part you wanted to practice. I can't remember whose suggestion it was, otherwise I'd credit them for it.

Anyway, I took the advice and created one, and seeing as it might help others as well, I've decided to post it online. It covers 159 kanji. If you've used the book Teach Yourself Beginners Japanese Script, you'll no doubt recognise the list.

http://uk.geocities.com/ay_jay_see/kanji.zip - 35KB

The zip archive contains kanji.sxc and kanji.xls.
Kanji.sxc (for OpenOffice) is a little better as it still has the original formatting I used, but the Excel version is still usable.

The sheets have the kanji, meanings and both ON and Kun readings (written in Kana, but with tooltips showing the romaji, if you need it).

I hope people find these useful. If so, I may create some more comprehensive sheets in future.

EDIT: Okay, after initial problems, I've packed the files into a .zip archive, and everything works swimmingly now! *Crosses fingers*
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RE: Spreadsheet for Kanji practice.

Postby appleraja » Sat 10.01.2005 10:50 pm

thanks , hey i have a question whats the differnece between on and kun kanji? they have same meaning but differnt pronounciation? also how come the hiranga and katakana were pronounced different when same meanigng?
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RE: Spreadsheet for Kanji practice.

Postby natemb » Sat 10.01.2005 11:58 pm

Daichi, thanks for the file! It's really well organized, and looks like a useful list of kanji. I like what you did with the romaji, so you only see it if you want it. It will be a good resource for my kanji studies, and I'll add to it when I've got these down.

appleraja, On and Kun are different pronunciations for the same kanji. On pronunciations come from the chinese way of pronouncing the characters (although adapted to the japanese system) and are mainly used for kanji compounds. Kun pronunciations come from the Japanese words that were used before kanji were introduced, and they are used mainly in single-kanji words and in names. In reference materials, On pronunciations are generally written in katakana and Kun in hiragana, but that's just a convention (not completely arbitrary, though, as katakana are for words of foreign origin).
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RE: Spreadsheet for Kanji practice.

Postby appleraja » Sun 10.02.2005 11:34 am

so on pronounciatiosn are how chinese speak? which is use more ? and how do u kno which one to use
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RE: Spreadsheet for Kanji practice.

Postby Kates » Sun 10.02.2005 5:36 pm

On-yomi are SOMEWHAT similar to the Chinese pronunciation but not really. Chinese and Japanese are very different, phonetically, after all.

Neither On- or kun-yomi are used more. -_- Either that, or who really knows or cares? appleraja, you simply have to LEARN the words that use the kanji--you will learn which yomi is correct when you learn a new word, and you simply have to memorize it. As you learn more and more kanji words, you will begin to understand how On- and kun-yomi are used. And that's the best way to learn, you know? ON YOUR OWN. Asking us here isn't going to help you understand the millions of kanji readings out there... =/ Trust me, it's not that hard! ^_^ Learn a few new words with each new kanji you study and you'll be doing fine!
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RE: Spreadsheet for Kanji practice.

Postby tsan_aznboi » Fri 10.21.2005 7:51 pm

The use of a spredsheet for learning kanji is very useful and looks great, which sometimes help encouged self confidence in learning.
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