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Post by guitarplayer7694 » Sat 12.15.2007 5:23 am

I have read that the Chinese count you birthday from conception not birth, which do the Japanese do.

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RE: Birthday.

Post by Shirasagi » Sat 12.15.2007 5:32 am

The Japanese count from birth, but there are two ways of doing it. The typical style is just like in America. You are one year old after your first birthday. The traditional style (still used for counting yakudoshi, the most ill-omened ages) is to count from the day of your birth. So, you're born, and you are 一才.
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RE: Birthday.

Post by EvanT » Sat 12.15.2007 7:48 am

Mmm... we get that differentiation in Greece too.
The typical answer to "how old are you?" is the current incomplete year, unless your birthday has just passed, in which case it's something like "I 'closed' X-years last week".

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