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Is there anything wrong?

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Is there anything wrong?

Postby faylar » Mon 12.17.2007 4:06 am

is there anything wrong with this sentence? Or is there a better way to put it?


another question, where do I put だけ after a verb-if conditional? (eg たべたらだけ)

thanks :)
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Re: Is there anything wrong?

Postby chiyon » Wed 03.26.2008 7:47 am

How about this?
I was thinking it was OK just to believe toward everything in my childhood though…
(If you are trying to say like this in English.)


I became full only after I ate just a little.

もし、肉を食べただけなら、野菜も食べた方がよい。If you only had meat,you'd better to have vegitables,too.
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Re: Is there anything wrong?

Postby dai_gokuh » Tue 04.15.2008 12:09 am

Where did you find this phrase"SASHINOBETE"?
It is an unfamilier phrase or only seen in written sentences.
Sometimes we hear some elder person would say“さしのべて、そういうことはある。” meaning "This kind of thing happens in general.

They generally say so.

Also さしのべて has another meaning of lending a hand of help to the one in trouble.

I lend a hand to the one in trouble.

全然 is usually used in a negative sentence (although we hear ZENZEN used in a positive sentence in spoken language,this is grammatically incorrect.)

I don't believe it at all.
I can't believe it at all.
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Re: Is there anything wrong?

Postby inuinu » Tue 04.15.2008 4:10 am


などを考慮に入れないと、better way がどんな風になるかを示す事は私にはできません。
tasukeru kotoga dekiru nara
tasuketai to omou.
dakedo eigo ha nigate.
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Re: Is there anything wrong?

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Tue 04.15.2008 7:28 am

dai_gokuh wrote:何にも差し伸べて
Where did you find this phrase"SASHINOBETE"?

-Chris Kern
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