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Random Monbukagakusho question

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Random Monbukagakusho question

Postby gfunk » Wed 12.19.2007 12:41 am

I recently discovered I can apply for the scholarship in the United States and in Mexico (I have both citizenships, and cover the requirements for both embassies). I did a lot of research, but couldn't really find any stats or anything on the amount of scholarships per country (or per consulate, or whatever).

So my question for all you great wise tjp people is: would I have a better chance applying in the Mexican embassy or in the USA? Do they give a specified amount of money through the world or is it divided by embassy? Know more people from like brazil than from the US that got the scholarship? idk... any info you could give me would be awesome.
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RE: Random Monbukagakusho question

Postby Wakannai » Wed 12.19.2007 8:21 am

Sorry, but you only chances of getting this answered correctly would be by someone else that applied to both embassies, a very rare person indeed.

I suggest contacting each embassy directly for the information you need now that you've done your homework otherwise.

Just don't mention that you might apply through another country's embassy.
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