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Ue o muite arukou

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Ue o muite arukou

Postby guitarplayer7694 » Wed 12.19.2007 3:38 am

"Ue o muite arukou" the English equivalent would be "I look up as I walk" right?
well I wanted to know what each word meant, but the closest I could find for むいて and あるこう are むく and あるき both of which make sense, but why would they use
むいて and あるこう ?

p.s. This is from the song "Sukiyaki"
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RE: Ue o muite arukou

Postby Oyaji » Wed 12.19.2007 4:54 am

You really need the next line for this to make any sense:

"Ue wo muite arukou, namida ga koborenai you ni"

"I'm going to look up as I walk, so that my teardrops don't spill."

They use muite because the "te" form can be used to connect two verbs. Arukou is the volitional form of aruku. The volitional form shows intent: "I will" "Let's" etc.
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RE: Ue o muite arukou

Postby nabilahforever » Wed 12.19.2007 9:18 am

guitarplayer7694 wrote:

p.s. This is from the song "Sukiyaki"

Is "Sukiyaki" song that you mean sang by Suneohair? If it was Suneohair, i liked one of the song titled "Waltz".
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