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お助け!う_う help

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お助け!う_う help

Postby Adriano » Wed 12.19.2007 3:14 pm

One of the worst things in my job that sometimes pisses me off is to put furigana in each word(of GREAT big texts), and to find japanese names/surnames, in special, those who´s the person born before WW2.
I need help T_T

※Do anybody knows a good program, or only a option of Word or Page Maker that puts automatically all the furigana in the words of long text, even it has mistakes sometimes as hiragana.jp? (備考:my windows is in japanese)

※Do anybody knows a good site where I can find the names/surnames and よみかた in special only copy+past the name, like the hard 常諦, 康健, 玄悠, 慈光照護, etc?
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RE: お助け!う_う help

Postby Wakannai » Wed 12.19.2007 5:37 pm

kids.goo.jp used to have a place to enter a url and it would furiganize a webpage for you.

I use e-namedic at http://www.wwwjdic.org it covers a lot of the names. Just change the dropdown menu to enamedic .
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