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Post by qedhup » Mon 10.03.2005 12:12 pm

My name is Arcus. I live in southern Ontario Canada. I speak english and for the past while i've been learning Japanese and Latin. I've studied to the point where my grammar skills in japanese are starting to go well. But I need to start studying my vocabulary (lol, I know 'how' to say it... I just don't know 'what' to say).

I hope to grow to be a part of this community. I've only ever been part of a forum community once, at the Worth1000.com forum. I'm hoping I can learn LOTS here.
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RE: Heyla

Post by Zeo » Mon 10.03.2005 12:27 pm


Welcome to this page:) I'm sure you will learn lots here:)

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RE: Heyla

Post by Mariya » Mon 10.03.2005 1:33 pm

Hi, hope you enjoy yourself here and learn lots! Trust me, its the best place to be for a Japanese student. :D

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RE: Heyla

Post by kossori » Mon 10.03.2005 1:40 pm



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RE: Heyla

Post by Hiro » Mon 10.03.2005 5:31 pm

Yay, another Canadian! Cool.
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RE: Heyla

Post by Daisuke » Tue 10.04.2005 5:45 am

Welcome to The Japanese Page. ;)

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