Kanji on ipod

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Kanji on ipod

Post by tsan_aznboi » Sun 12.23.2007 12:26 pm

Does anyone know a program that I could download to my ipod to study?
Thanks in advacne. Happy Holidays!!

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RE: Kanji on ipod

Post by Hatori » Sun 12.23.2007 12:45 pm

I heard about something for the iPod, but I'm not entirely sure. But you can also get Japanese language programs especially made for iTunes you can buy in a bookstore to help you learn any language they provide. Japanese, French, German, and Spanish are the ones I know of...

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RE: Kanji on ipod

Post by katafei » Sun 12.23.2007 5:18 pm

I don't know about kanji on Ipod,
but this site might be of use:
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