help for beginer

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Murdoc Murdoc
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help for beginer

Post by Murdoc Murdoc » Tue 03.01.2005 8:55 pm

hi iv been trying to learn japanese for a while im to poor to take a class so iv decided to try and teach myself i know a few words im learning the hiragana right now but right now i was wondering if anyone knows what this means its the title to a cd im trying to get but i know the band is japanese so i thought id ask to see if anyone here could help me translate it Zennou-naru Musuu-no Me-wa Shi-wo yubisasu oh and the bands name is balzac if anyones intreasted dont know if that means something too so thanks if you can help me out

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RE: help for beginer

Post by Spaztick » Wed 03.02.2005 1:33 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to mourn the death of the English language...

Seriously, repost that with punctuation and I'll help you.
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RE: help for beginer

Post by Schattenjedi » Wed 03.02.2005 1:57 pm

Isn't that English normal in the deep south? hehehe.

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RE: Help for Beginner

Post by Jess » Wed 03.02.2005 2:59 pm

WHAT DO YOU MEAN DEEP SOUTH?!:@ I am proud to tell you that I, good whatever you are, am from Alabama and that is not how we speak in the deep south!!!!

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RE: help for beginer

Post by haru » Wed 03.02.2005 3:36 pm

how didn't you understand that, that was easy you probably just typed fast or something , right??

Murdoc Murdoc
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RE: help for beginer

Post by Murdoc Murdoc » Wed 03.02.2005 5:08 pm

I was typing fast like I am now I was in a hury and I havn't had much sleep lately so typing pefect hasn't been something I'v been paying to much attention too. But I am from the south land of the redneck and hillbilly

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