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RE: Boku.

Post by NZJutsu » Sun 12.30.2007 4:24 pm

Mike Cash wrote:

The word seems to be the latest slang, if the Japanese Wikipedia entry is anything to go by.
If only I could read it. >_< *sigh*

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RE: Boku.

Post by nabilahforever » Sun 12.30.2007 9:56 pm

NZJutsu wrote:

If only I could read it. >_< *sigh*
Me too. I don't understand them and my computer doesn't process in japanese although some people here had gave me tips to japanese input. T_T.
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RE: Boku.

Post by Harisenbon » Sun 12.30.2007 10:12 pm

note: I didn't read the wikipedia, I'm just posting what I know.

どんだけ is a phrase which roughly translates into "how much" or more casually "no way." It became famous this year (top 3 of this year's popular catch phrases) thanks to the show Lincoln. However, it has been used in the gay communities for a while as a standard phrase, which is where the Lincoln crew "discovered" it and started using it on their own show.

McDonald's even used it in their 月見バーガー commercials.
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RE: Boku.

Post by Oyaji » Mon 12.31.2007 12:00 am

It is usually associated with Ikko, a transvestite (am I allowed to use that word?) make up artist, most known for his/her exuberance and, well, use of the word "dondake".

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