Taking the tests at home

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gyuunyuu luvr
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Taking the tests at home

Post by gyuunyuu luvr » Thu 01.03.2008 1:50 am

Are there books that have previous tests that i can "take"? They would have to have the answers or what would be the point! I don't want to go through the trouble of the actual JLPT. I was hoping I could take the test home. Thanks
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RE: Taking the tests at home

Post by atreya » Thu 01.03.2008 2:24 am

You can register at [link removed] and download the previous years' question papers there for practice. Thats what I did to practice for the Level 4 exam. But be warned, the site is entirely in Japanese. ^_^ They even have the audio files for the listening section (which are of very poor quality).

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RE: Taking the tests at home

Post by everdream » Thu 01.03.2008 6:01 am

You can buy the old tests from the store on this website too.
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