Question on spelling

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Question on spelling

Post by LeMichaels » Fri 01.04.2008 12:55 pm

If a word is normally spelled solely with Hiragana OR Katakana, is it acceptable to spell the word using BOTH alphabets? In other words: the romaji is the same, but the Japanese characters the word is spelled with are different.

Hope I made this clear :D

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RE: Question on spelling

Post by NocturnalOcean » Fri 01.04.2008 1:12 pm


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RE: Question on spelling

Post by two_heads_talking » Fri 01.04.2008 1:42 pm

keep in mind what hiragana and katakana are for.

katakana are for "borrowed" words mainly, while hiragana are for "native" words. there are exceptions but the majority of those exceptions would be beyond your understanding currently.
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