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Postby Hatori » Wed 07.11.2007 11:47 pm

Hello!! Anyways, if you don't know, I've been really into the Saiyuki manga and anime. For Saiyuki Reload, there's these funny little bonus clips at the end of each episode that I thought were REALLY FUNNY to show. I think that you don't really need to know the show all too well to get some of the silly things that happen.


You can see Part two if you click under "More From This User" if you'd like. :D

Enjoy. :P
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RE: Urasai!!

Postby chikara » Mon 01.07.2008 12:03 am

You really are in a necroposting mood today :o
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RE: Urasai!!

Postby enpitsu00 » Mon 01.07.2008 12:25 am

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RE: Urasai!!

Postby skyborg007 » Mon 01.07.2008 12:34 am

is saiyuki related to 西遊記? if so could be fun :)
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