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Post by speersword » Tue 10.04.2005 10:24 pm

how do u get japanese??? like hiragana and everything?
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RE: help!

Post by Hiro » Wed 10.05.2005 2:12 am

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "how do u get japanese???"

Do you mean, how to display the Japanese language properly? In that case, I may be able to help, but only if you are using Windows XP.

Access the Control Panel, and choose Date, Time, Languange and Regional Options, then choose Language and Regional Options.

On the Languages tab, ensure that the Install files for East Asian languages checkbox is checked. If not, then check it -- note that you may be prompted to insert your Windows XP CD at this point, depending on your operating system's setup.

Click the Details command button under the "Text services and input languages" field.

Click the Add... button to bring up the "Add Input language" dialog box. Under both "Input language" and "Keyboard layout/IME," select "Japanese." Click OK.

Now, the Japanese language should be enabled (you may need to restart your computer for the changes to these settings to take full effect). Most Windows programs should now be able to accept Japanese input and output.

Hope this helped. ;)

If you need help using Windows XP's Language Bar to control your Japanese text input, that might warrant a new thread.
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