Japanese keyboards and full-width punctuation

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RE: Japanese keyboards and full-width punctuation

Post by Wakannai » Sat 01.12.2008 4:18 pm

Well, you disagree with my entirely indisputable statement, and then validate it right afterwards.

I think I failed reading comprehension today. Wait, that would be yesterday. Somehow I completely overlooked the "has to learn a new one" part of the sentence I was contradicting. Damn overlooked qualifier. Of course now that my eyes have been opened it seems to be glaringly obvious.

As soon as my blushing subsides, I'll try not to make the same mistake again, at least for a few days. Few things are more memorable than an earned reprimand.

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RE: Japanese keyboards and full-width punctuation

Post by Shirasagi » Sat 01.12.2008 4:51 pm

Chris Hart wrote:
Shirasagi wrote:
On an unrelated note, I like QWERTY precisely because most of the common letters are on the left side. But then, I'm left-handed. I will never use the Dvorak keyboard!! Down with the oppressive dogma of Rightey! Left Power! Left Power! ;)
Actually, there are currently 3 common Dvorak keyboard layouts. Of them, the most common is the Simplified keyboard, which is designed to balance typing between the two hands.
In the very link you provide it says:
Dvorak studied letter frequencies and the physiology of people's hands and created a layout to adhere to these principles:
The right hand should do more of the typing, because most people are right-handed.
Just another trick by the Right Man! I'm not falling for it, Rightey! Power to the Left-Handed People!
Josh Reyer

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RE: Japanese keyboards and full-width punctuation

Post by keatonatron » Sun 01.13.2008 1:15 am

My friends type a lot of English (looking up bands on youtube, etc.) which makes the kana input kind of pointless. They are slow enough at typing in romaji, and they have no reason to learn the kana method.

The nice thing about the qwerty method is that it is the closest thing to a "common keyboard" used in many countries around the world, which is essential for when you go traveling and only have access to cyber cafes and not your cell phone (which is what my friends use for all their e-mailing).

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