Old Japanese Dialect

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Old Japanese Dialect

Post by kyubisharingan » Fri 01.18.2008 10:36 am

Back when i was in japan, my Japanese teacher and one of my friends knew a different type of japanese dialect. Its was an old fashion dialect, but i forget what it was called. Does anyone on this site know a little bit about the dialect? How to speak it?

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RE: Old Japanese Dialect

Post by two_heads_talking » Fri 01.18.2008 12:07 pm

You really aren't giving us much to go on here.

where were you? what "school" did you attend? etc. without any more information, we will be throwing darts at a dart board blindfolded.

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RE: Old Japanese Dialect

Post by Tspoonami » Fri 01.18.2008 12:36 pm

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