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Postby f00f » Thu 10.06.2005 7:20 pm

How do I express distances?
like: one mile from the car.
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RE: Distance

Postby Mukade » Fri 10.07.2005 1:15 am

Also, if you are travelling and want to say "It's one more mile" or "We have one mile left," you would simply say:

Ato ichi mairu.

Of course, remember that if you're in Japan, you wouldn't say "mile," but "kilometer." ;)
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RE: Distance

Postby ryuubu » Fri 10.07.2005 1:40 am

Gurai (kurai) is used a lot for distances and time.

ichi mairu gurai node, basu de 5fun kakaru hazu da

because it's about amile, by bus it should take 5 minutes
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