How much social interaction is necessary in Japan?

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RE: How much social interaction is necessary in Japan?

Post by lol890 » Sun 01.27.2008 9:17 pm

Well, when all of my family dies out I guess I'll just have to live on the streets. At best I could only acwuire a menial, low-paying, dead-end job.That would fufill my needs so I could live a life I don't want.

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RE: How much social interaction is necessary in Japan?

Post by AJBryant » Sun 01.27.2008 10:06 pm

Dude, see a therapist.

That's my final word on the topic.


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RE: How much social interaction is necessary in Japan?

Post by coco » Mon 01.28.2008 6:15 am

lol890 wrote:
I don't trust people.
You should not have asked our opinions, if people deserve no trust.

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RE: How much social interaction is necessary in Japan?

Post by Adriano » Mon 01.28.2008 9:14 am

I think the main problem is the language.
independent for what you gonna do in Japan, if you don´t know japanese, might be a bad lonely experience for you.
some brazilian friends goes to japan as dekassegui, working more than 12hours a day.
And when they come back,I ask "how was is?"
PPL who speaks a bit of nihongo: was very tiring and stressful, but was very good going out to crazy places with the people from the factory, taste different foods, play simulation games, buy mangas and fashion clothes, etc..
PPL who don´t know nihongo: I was hardly waiting to come back.. a lot of rules, bored places, so shy people, and the metro is a mess. I can´t count how many times I´ve lost myself in there.. the only good thing what happened to me was to earn a lot and buy my Mira

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RE: How much social interaction is necessary in Japan?

Post by two_heads_talking » Tue 01.29.2008 11:55 am

Mike Cash wrote:
It wasn't a joke. You would do well to emulate him.
I dunno, I got a kick out of it. Does that mean that as long as one can develope complete sentences we give them a pass on complete lunacy? I sincerely hope not.

To the OP. There are quite a few flaws in your queries and assessments. Coco-san points out one. If you trust no one, then how can you trust us? You can't. If you hate people, what difference does it make where you live? You could live in the Bahamas and as easy going as they are there, you would still be miserable because you choose to harbor hatred. You say people hate you, well, that's an attitude you carry with you and quite frankly, with that demeanor, social interaction will always be a chore. Change your attitude and change your outlook.

If you keep doing the some things over and over and keep doing them the same way over and over, how do you expect different results to happen? You need to change something of what you do in order to get a different result. That said, it seems that you are in need of help beyond our expertise and you should follow Tony's advice.
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RE: How much social interaction is necessary in Japan?

Post by chikara » Thu 01.31.2008 9:25 pm

How did I ever miss this thread before? What a hoot :D

A guy who doesn't like any social interaction wants to move from West Virginia, with a population density of 29 people per square kilometre, to Japan with a population density more than ten times that (337 people per square kilometre). :o

You want to move down under mate ;)

We have a population density of less than 3 people per square kilometre. It's a pity all of the lighthouses here are now automated because lighthouse keeper on some little island of the coast would be ideal for you. Maybe you could get a job with the Bureau of Meteorology at the Giles Weather Station (Lat: -25.03 Lon: 128.30).
Don't complain to me that people kick you when you're down. It's your own fault for lying there

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