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Mac software

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Mac software

Postby nef919 » Thu 03.03.2005 10:43 am

Does anyone have any links to Japanese learning software for OSX they especially like. I will be doing my own search of course, but would like some pointers to stuff people have tried and liked.
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RE: OSX software

Postby nef919 » Thu 03.03.2005 11:43 am

Here is some of the software that I am looking at. They are all freeware. All under a meg to dl.

http://homepages.tig.com.au/~cthulhu/ site down
Japanese vocab
Hiragana and katakana
Kanji learner
Jvocab by themes

http://jfcmac.sourceforge.net/ site up
JFC for mac
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RE: Mac software

Postby Spaztick » Thu 03.03.2005 1:30 pm

Macs usually come with Japanese text support, so anything you find will work I suppose. Kanji gold is always good, :)
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RE: Mac software

Postby OnlyJedi » Thu 03.03.2005 4:02 pm

Though I don't have a Mac of my own, I've used Linux versions of most of these programs and the Mac versions shouldn't be too different.

Slime Forest Adventure, part of Project LRNJ, is a cute little kana/kanji drill in the form of an RPG. Also, the site has a "Sample of the Day" with an illustrative sentence and analysis.

Jim Breen's WWWJDIC, though not technically an application, in html interface to his Japanese dictionary. Jim Breen's databases are often the basis for other Japanese translation programs.

JEDict is a Mas OS X front end to Jim Breen's EDICT and KANJIDIC. I've never used it personally, but I hear its the best Japanese dictionary program on the Mac.

Rikai.com is another website in place of a program. It'll edit any web page you provide it so that all kanji have pop-up "tips", with readings, meanings, and all the extras...based off of JDICT and KANJIDIC.

Mozilla Firefox and the extension RikaiXUL provide exactly the same service as the Rikai site, with just a click of a tool button.
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RE: Mac software

Postby Mukade » Thu 03.03.2005 10:18 pm

iFlash is a great general-purpose flashcard program. You can have several sides to the same flashcard, as well as picture and sound file attachments. Thus, you can have the English meaning on one side, the Kanji on the second side, the hiragana reading on the third side (along with an attached sound file of someone saying it in Japanese), a picture of the stroke order on the fourth side, etc.

If you buy the full version (only $15 or so), you'll have access to an online library of flashcard decks created by other people (myself included ;)).

You can also download your flashcards into a simple text file (minus the images and sound files, obviously), which you can then view on your iPod.

It's cheap, fun and very useful. I would highly recommend it!
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RE: Mac software

Postby hihlordjp » Fri 03.04.2005 1:31 am

Thanks for recommending JEdict! It's a very good program.
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