Listening Comp.

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Listening Comp.

Post by Stefan » Thu 01.31.2008 6:10 pm

its still kinda hard for me to understand what people say . i do take japanese classes, however. i barely understand when i im receiving the infomation. ( mostly only when the speak fast---to me its kinda fast but i sppose its a normal set speed----) Can anybody offer any advice, suggestions, exercises, etc . thanks in advance

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RE: Listening Comp.

Post by katafei » Thu 01.31.2008 8:11 pm

Movies, Music, IPod, put al sound sources that you have (like discs that come with courses) on mp3 and listen to them over and over and over.
Listening comprehension is one of the most difficult hurdles to take when you learn a new language. (Speaking is ten times more difficult still.)
But if you just keep listening, sooner or later the coin will drop.

In my experience the only way to really learn to use a language is to emerge yourself in a native community.
Unfortunately, that is not always an easy thing to achieve ^_^
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RE: Listening Comp.

Post by Koryo » Fri 02.01.2008 2:03 am

I've found watching TV shows that have シナリオ本 available (or that have transcripts at Drama Note, etc.) a great help. When I'm not sure of what I'm hearing, I can look it up in the book, or read along. Of course for it to be any fun, you'll have to find a show you enjoy, but that's another matter.

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RE: Listening Comp.

Post by Wakannai » Fri 02.01.2008 6:15 pm

Not including overlap, the only way to get good at something is to do it. You get better at speaking by speaking, you get better at writing by writing, you get better at listening by listening.

Listening repeatedly to the dialogues actually helps. Watching shows close to your level and covering the subtitles so your brain works harder to translate.

Drills help a lot. This gets back to that overlap I mentioned before. If you do lots of speaking drills, that will help your listening a lot. Drill and drill and drill until you can do the sentence patterns in your sleep.

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RE: Listening Comp.

Post by chchan45 » Fri 02.01.2008 11:32 pm

My advice is to find some CDs or DVDs that come with Japanese subtitles, so that you can just turn on/off the subtitles at will (rather than using your hands to cover them). That is the method I used.

Many of the Studio Ghibli animations have Taiwanese version DVDs (which come with Japanese subtitles) which are much cheaper than their Japanese counterparts. They can be obtained from from anywhere in the world.
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