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Song Lyrics

Post by Niphridell » Sat 10.08.2005 12:36 am

I heard Slipping Star by Nookicky fairly recently, and I was really curious as to what the first part means, so went to go find the lyrics so I could puzzle through them. There's several parts that kinda stumped me though, so I thought this'd be a good place to start ^_^;

I put both the romaji and kana/kanji up mostly because I'm pretty new to this (the input program I'm using pretty much writes it for me). That and the lyrics I found were all in really I wouldn't know which form of the word to use >.<

kikinarenai kotori no koe
ききなれない 小鳥 の こえ
madobe de kayowaku
窓辺 で かよわく
ieba akirametekureru kana
いえば あきらめてくれるかな

Thanks for the help ^_^;

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