About Konnichiwa

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About Konnichiwa

Post by tsp_uk » Sat 10.08.2005 4:05 pm

Hi I have seen Konnichiwa written in two ways, one is using the Chinese/Kanji symbols beginning with 今.は(sorry I don't know how to write the other chinese symbol) and the other こんいちは. Which one is correct?
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RE: About Konnichiwa

Post by WacKostRacKo » Sat 10.08.2005 4:10 pm


i dont know if there is any kanji, not too hot on kanji at the mo, maybe someone can answer that....
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RE: About Konnichiwa

Post by kanadajin » Sat 10.08.2005 5:03 pm

the proper way is こんいちわ

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RE: About Konnichiwa

Post by skrhgh3b » Sat 10.08.2005 5:19 pm

you guys are all wrong. it's commonly written with hiragana like this: "こんにちは." but it can be written in kanji too, like this: "今日は." now, if you stop and look at those words, you'll notice that they mean, "as for today...." when you see "こんにちわ," possibly in a manga or on bbs or something like that, it's just a corrupted spelling to look cute. the "wa" in "konnichi wa" being the particle "wa," after all.
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RE: About Konnichiwa

Post by Schattenjedi » Sat 10.08.2005 5:36 pm

Both of you are wrong. It's spelled こんにちは. And the Kanji for it is 今日は although it's usually written in Hiragana.

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RE: About Konnichiwa

Post by Kates » Sat 10.08.2005 5:50 pm

skrhgh and Schattenjedi are right. The kana used is HA not WA (は not わ)--but the sound is WA. And the kanji is 今日は. But 今日は is not used that often... probably because 今日 can also be read きょう, to mean "today."

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