Contacting US from Japan

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Contacting US from Japan

Post by Tsukudani » Tue 02.12.2008 1:00 am

I plan on going to Japan for a couple weeks over the summer and I was just wondering if anyone knew the easiest way to go about doing so.

I've heard that getting a pay-as-you-go cell phone is a good way to contact home, but I'm not completely sure.

If possible I'm looking for something so I can contact people in the US and the people I meet in Japan.

Ken Pro
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RE: Contacting US from Japan

Post by Ken Pro » Tue 02.12.2008 5:06 pm

Where in Japan are you planning to go? And how old are you?

Reason for Q #1: in big cities you can find internet access easily, and can send emails to the US.

Reason for Q #2: if you are an adult planning on meeting other adults, it might be best to bring some personal info cards to exchange with those you meet. In any case, bring along a little address book to jot down contact info. I don't think you'll find it especially crucial to have a cell phone to dial people up to make plans or "to chat."

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RE: Contacting US from Japan

Post by spin13 » Sat 02.16.2008 2:46 am

Provided you have the equipment and internet access necessary, Skype, MSN Messenger, or any other voice-over-IP program is your best and cheapest bet. With the right hardware and accessories on both ends, you can video conference in real time at no cost. Even the pay-by-the-minute PC to land-line prices are quite reasonable. Skype, for example, charges about $0.02USD/min to the US.

I don't know too much about rental cellphones, but I've heard they are somewhere around 2JPY/second for domestic, out-going calls. Perhaps if you already have a phone, a better short-term plan can be acquired.


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