I just need a little help ^_^

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I just need a little help ^_^

Post by helldragonx6 » Fri 02.15.2008 3:41 pm

Hi I am new to this site. I have been trying to learn japanese but I am finding it extremely hard. I dont know where to start, I only know a tiny bit of it. I am just looking for someone who can help me out, or chat with me, I am a huge fan of anime and have been trying for a while to learn japanese but never have had anyone to help me at all so it has been extremely slow. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this ^_^
Just looking for Something fun to learn ^_^

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RE: I just need a little help ^_^

Post by richvh » Fri 02.15.2008 4:03 pm

A textbook will likely give you the guidance you need.
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RE: I just need a little help ^_^

Post by onigiri444 » Fri 02.15.2008 4:06 pm

yYou need to buy a Japanese textbook like minna no nihongo no or one of the genki series. Search around and see which one fits you best. they're threads about choosing a text book on this site that can help you.

Good Luck :)

edit: oh too late ^^' just use the link rich gave you
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RE: I just need a little help ^_^

Post by shades_of_ben » Fri 02.15.2008 5:20 pm

if you plan to wait a little while before getting textbooks, etc. (if you don't have the money at the moment, or whatever reason) then the resources here on the site are very useful. start by learning the hiragana and katakana, because romaji/english is a crutch and should be avoided. learn them by heart so you don't have to look them up. then go to the grammar resources. it's how i started, and it's worked well for me.

by the way, don't isolate learning vocab and kanji. it's best to learn how they are used in context.

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