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Horror Novels

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Horror Novels

Postby Gan » Sat 03.08.2008 11:30 am

Nothing seems to really scare me. The only thing has ever come close was "IT" yet from that book I wasn't frightened I was traped in wonder and curiousity while going "Wow. That's pretty messed up". I've read about every book of Stephen King(Richard Bachman) and Peter Straub, and some of Koji Suzuki. What I ask of you kind people at TJP is to recommend a few horror novels to me. If you have any suggestions please post them. Thank you!

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Re: Horror Novels

Postby japanfreak » Mon 03.31.2008 9:11 am

Have you read the classics? Poe, and the like? They give you a good chill now and then.
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