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registered users

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?

registered users

Postby Wakannai » Mon 03.10.2008 8:56 pm

It looks like PMs are auto subscribing to the "registered users" group. So that everyone gets a message.

I just got this message

I dunno if you're the same person, but two years ago i used to chat with u on the old chat thingy.
Maybe you don't remember me.

When I looked at the "to" panel, it said coco and registered users.

I was going to attempt to send Clay a pm, but I noticed that it added the group registered users to my pm as well. So I'm putting it here.
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Re: registered users

Postby chikara » Mon 03.10.2008 9:11 pm

So that is why I received that PM
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Re: registered users

Postby AJBryant » Tue 03.11.2008 12:50 am

I was wondering about it, too.

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Re: registered users

Postby Wakannai » Tue 03.11.2008 12:57 am

I was more concerned with total forum newbies having access to a "registered users" group. I suggest some kind of posting minimum, or only allow admins to access that group.
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Re: registered users

Postby Valatunda » Tue 03.11.2008 5:50 am

That was the first PM I got on this new forum and it wasn’t even meant for me. Oh well, I agree that only administrators should be able to have that access.
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Re: registered users

Postby Daisuke » Tue 03.11.2008 5:58 am

I'll take a look at the possibilities.

I think only Clay can change these kind of settings, though.

By the way, it does not send PM's automatically to the "registered users" group. You have to highlight it in the box in the top right, and then click "Add".

It's not something you do accidentally.
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Re: registered users

Postby tanuki » Tue 03.11.2008 10:02 am

I got the PM too.

It seems that person used to chat with a LOT of people two years ago. :)
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Re: registered users

Postby clay » Tue 03.11.2008 4:24 pm

I'll take a look at the settings. Sorry about that.

EDIT: ok, should be fixed now.
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Re: registered users

Postby ss » Thu 03.13.2008 12:05 am

Thanks to Coco-san and Gundaetiapo-san, I think PM is working fine now ....
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