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Postby Kudo Masaki » Sun 03.16.2008 11:47 am

あなたはオレンジレンジを聞くか? 僕は聞く。

((hope I did that right, correct if wrong plz.))
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Kudo Masaki
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Re: オレンジレンジ

Postby AJBryant » Sun 03.16.2008 12:02 pm

Quick hint:

Polite form is much better to use in a public forum -- you don't run the risk of insulting people or sounding overly forward.

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Re: オレンジレンジ

Postby japanfreak » Mon 03.17.2008 9:16 am

@AJBsan: それは良い事です。
I love Orange Range! Asterisk is of course my favorite song. I love how they mix semi-poetical lyrics with a grrrreat music score. OR が大好きです!
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Re: オレンジレンジ

Postby mae-art » Fri 05.09.2008 1:46 am

私も 大好きです。

My favorite songs are "Hana"- beautiful lyrics and melody, "Locolotion" & "Ishin Denshin".
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Re: オレンジレンジ

Postby hamsterfreak4evr » Wed 05.14.2008 7:56 am

they are touring in the US this summer with oreskaband...

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Re: オレンジレンジ

Postby shunichirou » Thu 07.31.2008 10:48 pm

yay, i like them too ^_^
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