J-pop and Rnb recommendations?

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J-pop and Rnb recommendations?

Post by RanRane » Sat 02.03.2007 7:48 am

Can anyone recommend me some good female J-POP/RNB singers or bands? I already really like Utada, Koda and Ayumi, but I was wonderign new of some other recent and good female singers or bands?

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RE: J-pop and Rnb recommendations?

Post by Azumanga Daioh RULES » Sat 02.03.2007 11:16 am

What about Bennie K....She's pretty cool....i think! haha

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RE: J-pop and Rnb recommendations?

Post by prep_girl_Nessa » Sat 02.03.2007 12:25 pm

Rain did some Japanese stuff, and he's a really awesome RnB guy.

Se7en also has some Japanese stuff, but I've only heard his Korean stuff, which is awesome, so I'm going to listen to his Japanese stuff soon.

Se7en, by the way, is coming to The States this spring to do a single, which will be feat. an American RnB singer called Fabulous. I didn't know him, but my brothers did, and apparently he's a big name guy. I'm so happy for Se7en, cuz he's awesome ^_^

Edit - Completely missed the female thing.... these guys are boys :o
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RE: J-pop and Rnb recommendations?

Post by inuinu » Sat 02.03.2007 4:50 pm

Yes.I like Bennie k too.
and another are here.

Nakashima Mika.
Tokyo Jihen.
Amuro Namie.
These are quite famous.

And I recommend "RURUTIA"too.
She is not so famous. But I like her voice.


Kato Miliyah
Crystal Kay
tasukeru kotoga dekiru nara
tasuketai to omou.
dakedo eigo ha nigate.

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RE: J-pop and Rnb recommendations?

Post by RanRane » Sun 02.04.2007 1:36 pm

Thanks for the recommendations! I really like Amuro Namie and Crystal Kay!

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RE: J-pop and Rnb recommendations?

Post by stay_away357 » Sun 07.29.2007 10:30 am

i'd higly recommend l'arc~en~ciel. for starters, listening to niji or stay away or ready steady go would surely enthrall you... ;) anyway, those are the more popular songs so you an download them easily... but im not mentioning where... lest i'll be caught for promoting piracy haha.

after larc, why don't you listen to HYDE too? he's the vocalist of larc. good voice + good looks + good looks + good looks + ..... + good looks. enough said.

tetsu, the bassist of larc, also sings. he has only 1 album though. ken (the guitarist) also has a career separate from larc -- vocalist (solo) and band volcalist (S.O.A.P.)... the drummer, yukihiro, also is the vocalist of acid android.

HENCE, larc is sooo cool that all of the members are vocalists in their own right!!!! they can also play all the other instruments (lead guiatr, bass, drums, etc.) SO I IM SO PROUD OF LARC!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! (crazy fan)

then, listen to hyde's controversial "friend" (omg i'll stop myself) -- Gackt. the sexiest jrock artist ever. aside from that, he's also a good composer/singer/instrumentalist. yeah he's a very talented guy.

tired of jrock, try some jpop. utada hikaru is by far the best i've listened to. i like almost all her songs (she composes and writes her own songs). and the fact that she doesn't sound like a squeaking mosue like the other japanese female singers is a plus point for me.

ayaka (she's a new singer) has i think, huge lungs like utada. when i first heard her sing, i told myself, "oh, she CAN sing." (unlike the other japanese females)

if you prefer the squeaking type, go for ayumi hamasaki. although sometimes i can't tolerate her voice, she writes really good lyrics. :) moving on... mihimaru GT (a duo) is also good. you can also listen to shimatani hitomi. amuro namie is also a nice choice (she has gone from the squeaking voice to a more mature hip-"pop" beat). or try tamaki nami (not so sure about this though).

DREAMS COME TRUE is another non-squeaky duo... they've been around since 1989.

you want bigger names? try B'z (said to be the highest selling artist in japan) or X-Japan and BOOWY (the highly acclaimed rock bands). both are disbanded now hehe. but they are the so-called idol of the idols hiihii.

you want boy bands japanese style? try listening to V6 (they're a bit old now but they still do boy band stuff), arashi (one of them stars in hana yori dango), or kat-tun. i believe that kat-tun is the most famous of them boy bands ... coz they were able to kick larcenciel's seventh heaven off the top spot in the single rankings last month *plans to kill kat-tun* grrrrr

hoooo that was a long list. hope you find the artists you wanna listen to. there are actually plenty. not all are good, but those who are good are really good. hehe.

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Re: J-pop and Rnb recommendations?

Post by LixHenri » Sun 03.16.2008 1:06 pm

For J-Pop:
Younha has some nice Japanese pieces and her Korean pieces are also very nice.
YUI has some very nice J-Pop and Rock songs since she's so awesome with the guitar.
UVERworld has the same J-Pop/Rock to their music.
Mikuni Shimokawa, I like her music too :)
Maaya Sakamoto, she's very awesome, if you watched a lot of CLAMP anime, you'll love her.

For RnB:
All I can think of is Yuna Ito since I rarely listen to a much RnB. She also sings some nice J-Pop pieces.

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