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Come check out the "New Chatrooms"

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Come check out the "New Chatrooms"

Postby Nikku » Mon 03.31.2008 2:24 am

Hello everyone, I have been coming to this site quite a bit, but this is my first time posting a thread on the forums. So If I am doing something wrong or should be typing in nihongo, please let me know for future reference. Let me get to my point, I love this website and all of it's tools to help people learn Japanese; however, I do have small problem that I think impacts people with Mac computers. As a Mac user I am unable to download "Pandion," which is a required client to chat in the older chatrooms(where it seems a bunch of people chat). You may be asking yourself, then why not just join the New Chatrooms...well that is just the problem. There is no one ever in the "New Chatrooms." I love to practice my Japanese with people and also willing to teach what I do know, so this thread is to encourage all the members of TJP to start coming to the "New Chatrooms." I am always waiting for people to come in and have a good time in practicing, learning, and having fun with Japanese. I know you may be thinking, "Well, there is no one ever in there...so I will be just wasting my time in going there." Now while this may be partly true, I encourage you to think positive and to change that type of thinking. I have to give big thanks to all the moderators and web designers for putting together that New Chatroom system. I love the design and all the features you have created. So let us take full advantage of this new opportunity to have fun with our Japanese and meet new people. One more thing to the moderators of TJP, please encourage the use of the New Chatrooms, it would be much appreciated. Maybe you could post some nice advertising on the front page of TJP...just shouting out some ideas. Anyway, sorry for the long thread and hope to see you all there, Later (Ja Mata)
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Re: Come check out the "New Chatrooms"

Postby richvh » Mon 03.31.2008 6:39 am

Pandion isn't required for the old chatroom; it was just the easiest Jabber/XMPP client to set up for Windows users. There are also Mac clients you can use (though, being a Windows user, I don't know what they are off the top of my head.) Personally, I used the open-source pidgin client, and going to the pidgin homepage, I see it links to Adium for OS-X. There may be others.
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Re: Come check out the "New Chatrooms"

Postby fielle » Mon 03.31.2008 7:37 am

Yes, Adium works very well for jabber chat rooms (what the tjp chat is).
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Re: Come check out the "New Chatrooms"

Postby Daisuke » Mon 03.31.2008 8:08 am

As far as I know, we are going to stick with Jabber chat... So the "new chatroom" will probably not be available much longer.
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