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Careerup Shitai

Post by taniya » Tue 03.18.2008 2:33 am

Hello All,

I am new in this group...I joined from today.
Its nice to see that I can share few things with you all. Thank you for this platform Clay-san. :D

I did my graduation in Japanese then I was studying Japanese language & culture in Kanazawa University for a year.
Now I am professional translator...I am in this field since 4-5 years. Now I am working with a softwrae company.
My skillset is only Japanese language but now I want to go for some other thing. I want to learm something
and get out of this translations/ interpretations.

Would you please advice me, what can be a good profile for a 4 years Experienced Bilingual Person?
Except Translation/ Interpretation? What do you think is in scope currently?

Like "Japanese + WHAT" can make a good profile?

- Taniya

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Re: Careerup Shitai

Post by BrianM » Thu 04.03.2008 11:02 pm

What is your native language? I notice some mistakes in your typing. Knowing your native language would help us to help you.

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