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How to act tough... (cool phrases)

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How to act tough... (cool phrases)

Postby Kaiser » Mon 02.28.2005 1:01 pm

B)I was watching Inu Yasha and I was wondering how to talk like a loner... for example I'd like to say in japanese things like:

-Leave me alone.
-Very stupid
-I want to be a full demon
-You are someone I can never forgive
-Forget you
-F@#k you
-There's no escape
-We're stuck
-This is the end
-Shut up
-I'm going to do this my way
-Get out of my way
-Stay back
-Leave it to me
-I don't need anybody
-I've lived my life, followed my dreams and I don't have any regrets
-Too easy
-I'm just getting started
-No mercy
-Lookin' for a fight, then you better expect no mercy
-This one's for you...
-Need's salt
-Lousy jerk can't take a joke
-This conversation is over
-Never give up, never surrenderB)
-I don't like you
-You're dead
-I don't think so
-You hurt my feelings
-I'm not afraid
-Don't mess with me
-I'll live
-You'll live
-Fight me coward
-After a fight with me, your family will have to go to county doctor so-and-so to pick up your dental records, wanna know why?.. caus' there'll be nothing left of your face!
-You're worthless
-Long time no see
-Too long
-Not long enough
-I challenge you
-You're on your own
-Just try it (see what happens)
-You're worst nightmare
-Go on ahead make my day
-Sometimes I think I'd be better off dead... no wait not me, you.

If anyone knows how to say any of these things or would like to add anything, I'd like to hear back. Thanks
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RE: How to act tough... (cool phrases)

Postby Mukade » Mon 02.28.2005 8:45 pm

Here's a couple for you:

Yelling OI! is something akin to giving someone the finger. It's used to get someone's attention in a mean way, and is sure to offend. Sweet and simple.

If you want to ask someone if they're "cruising for a bruising," you could ask Hora! Kenka katteru?!. Literally, it means "Hey! You buying a fight?" I first heard this from a very yakuza-looking guy I had somehow offended at a bar one night. :o

For just a general "what the h*ll do you think you're doing?" you could go with Nani shtenno, omae?! The shtenno is an extreme shortening of shiteimasu ka. Omae is perhaps one of the more common, rude ways of saying "You."

"Idiot" would be the simple Baka!, although here in the Kansai area, you'd yell Aho!

If you want someone to shut up, tell them Damare!. You could, however, also say Urusai! Honma ni..., which is more like "Man, you are loud."

If someone has offended you or teased you and you want them to know that you won't forget it, just say Oboetoku. Say it calmly, with a steady stare for good effect. On the other hand, "I won't forgive you" would be Zettai yurusanai!. I heard this used effectively by my (then future) father-in-law when he caught me kissing his daughter. :o

Samurai, when about to engage in a sword fight, would often yell something like Kakatte ki agare!, which you could probably liken to the French "En guard!" (in fact, it feels old-fashioned), but means something more like "Bring it on!"

As a rule of thumb, if you're trying to sound tough and aggressive, roll your Rs like you were speaking Spanish. The more heavily and longer you roll your Rs, the madder and more willing to fight you'll sound. (Sheesh, I just sounded like Yoda there)

PLEASE realize that slinging these types of phrases around can easily land you in a fight. Don't use them lightly. If you are with good friends, and it's clear that you are joking around, they can be funny. But ANYWHERE else, talking like this could lose friends, jobs - or worse, get you in a fight (and subsequently in jail - trust me).
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RE: How to act tough... (cool phrases)

Postby hihlordjp » Mon 02.28.2005 11:47 pm

Oohhhh... Thank you for those, Mukade. :D
...ジョウダンだよ。ヘヘ ^^;;

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RE: How to act tough... (cool phrases)

Postby Spaztick » Tue 03.01.2005 10:14 am

Pffht. Japanese cops. Just babbel in English and you can get out of anything. :P
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RE: How to act tough... (cool phrases)

Postby clay » Tue 03.01.2005 12:42 pm

Interestingly, you can buy and sell fights :)

Are you looking (selling) for a fight?
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RE: How to act tough... (cool phrases)

Postby Mukade » Tue 03.01.2005 8:21 pm

Spaztick wrote:
Pffht. Japanese cops. Just babbel in English and you can get out of anything. :P

Ummm...well, thinking that way got me a night in a Japanese jail as they deliberated over whether they should continue to investigate on their own, call the American embassy for a bi-lingual counsel or just be done with it and deport me. :o

And remember, once you've been deported, you can't even TRY to apply for another visa for some 5 years or more. :(
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RE: How to act tough... (cool phrases)

Postby nihonjon » Fri 03.04.2005 1:54 am

Yeh, using 'hora' and 'kora'. temee is an extremely rude version of omae. Or change the end vowel sound to words to an 'eee' sound and it turns into slang. I usually heard it from high school kids talking in their lil groups.
Refer to people as yatsu,koitsu, soitsu, and aitsu. Lots of ways to be rude. But since you'll never really use them unless you're in a fight, don't. I heard it sometimes from drunk salarymen angered at me being white. Especially during the time of the beef problems between America and other countries. People always got mad at me for Yoshinoya discontinuing their nami dish. Like I have any real power.
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