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Japanese food

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Re: Japanese food

Postby two_heads_talking » Mon 04.14.2008 11:51 am

fielle wrote:
I guess . . . I feel it's nicer to contribute something that isn't just a link to a google search. Some websites have better instructions than others, are set up more usefully, etc. Even though google has a lot of power, people can still provide a lot that google can't. We have opinions and preferences which can be a lot more helpful than mathematical algorithms.

well that's certainly your privelage to do so, but the OP did ask for links and google or any other search engine is a great way to do some research. The OP didn't ask for opinions nor did they ask for preferences. So, while I commend your efforts, there is no reason to get down on Chikara or anyone else that just did what was asked.
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Re: Japanese food

Postby fielle » Mon 04.14.2008 12:31 pm

It seems like many, if not most of the answers to the questions on this forum could be just as easily answered with a link to a google search as with any personalized information. Are forums not for helping people outside of what they can figure out on their own? But I guess when the poster only gives a vague question and doesn't provide any feedback, it can be hard to give any more help than the most basic possible.
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Re: Japanese food

Postby two_heads_talking » Mon 04.14.2008 1:55 pm

like I said, you can't be faulted for trying to add to the thread. I have always found it is best to error on the side of giving what is asked and not trying to figure out what is actually being requested. In other words my interpretation of what they really want could be 100% right on (if I guess right) or 100% completely wrong (if I geuss wrong).

I have found, unfortunately, that giving too much information can sometimes be just as bad as giving no information.

And you are correct in that most questions can be answered with a link that already has that information and for most posts, that's really all that is required.

Now if the OP has asked, what are your opinions on japanese food and could you include links and back up your opinions, then by all means, let the flood gates of information be opened. :D
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Re: Japanese food

Postby kudamono-chan » Sun 04.20.2008 12:15 am

Tempura (deep-fried, battered vegetables, shrimp, etc.) is the best! It's like fried chicken but better, basically. I especially like broccoli tempura. Crunchy, yet soft, good with anything (especially the noodles sold at O-Bon), tempura is my favorite Japanese food.
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Re: Japanese food

Postby OitaFish » Sun 04.20.2008 3:02 am

Every region in Japan has their own specialties. Here is a list of Oita's specialties.

* Blowfish Dishes (license required to serve dishes made from this poisonous fish!)
* Seki Aji / Seki Saba (Spanish mackerel/mackerel)
* Dango-jiru noodle soup
* Yaseuma noodles (fat wheat noodles eaten with soy flour and sugar)
* Toriten (Chicken Tempura)
* Hocho noodle soup
* Yoshino Torimeshi (rice ball with chicken)
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