JLPT 3級 2008

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Pork Chop
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JLPT 3級 2008

Post by Pork Chop » Tue 01.22.2008 1:50 pm

I made a post on the 2007 thread and it was suggested I start a new thread dedicated to those looking to create a study group for the 2008 JLPT test.
Granted, results for the 2007 haven't been sent out yet, but I don't think it's too early to start discussing organizing a study group for 2008.

I'd love to hear other people's input for how the group should be run.
I would hope that gracious folks such as coco would continue to help us again this year.

My own ideas for the group would include:
Posting weekly kanji "assignments" every Monday.
Posting weekly vocabulary lists every Wednesday.
Posting weekly grammar points every Friday.
Chat sessions at least one time a week; possibly following a text such as Unicom's JLPT Level 3 book, but I'm not sure "where" and "when" we'd hold the chat sessions.
Thought we could also tap into resources like the Yookoso site (as long as we cite our sources).
The JLPT forum with it's practice tests would also be another great resource.

My thinking was that structure would help people keep an idea of what kind of pace they'd need to keep.
I also think that tackling kanji, vocabulary, and grammar separately can prevent the lessons from becoming too dauntingly large. I also did not address listening; so we might want to fit that in somewhere.

I'm anxious to hear what everyone else thinks.
For my own part I live in Texas, USA; which is Central Time Zone(CST: GMT - 6:00) and chat sessions in the evening between 8 and 10 would be my preference.

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RE: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by EvanT » Tue 01.22.2008 4:44 pm

I'm certainly interested. I wanted to join the 4級2008 thread, but got wind of it too late. Count me in.
I'm at GMT +2 (Greece).

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RE: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by poppop » Tue 01.22.2008 5:34 pm

I think I'm past the "JLPT4 level". so I'm very intrested but, I'm not planning on taking the test. I just want to join for studying purposes.
GTM +1 (Sweden) here.

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RE: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by kayuu » Tue 01.22.2008 8:25 pm

I'd like to join, planning on studying for JLPT3 this year having taken 4 the last. I'm in London on GMT :D

Pork Chop
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RE: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by Pork Chop » Thu 01.24.2008 11:26 am

I'm real anxious to hear if you guys have any ideas for how to go about the business of group study.

From what I've read of the 07 thread, most of the studying occurred on some chat channel & the forum thread was just a place to schedule events.

I was actually hoping to use the thread as a more persistent place to post lessons & have a chat channel as more of a round table for those who can make it. Last year I had the problem of not being able to make any of the chats; so I figured this way would be more inclusive.

Any thoughts?

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RE: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by jondesousa » Thu 01.24.2008 8:04 pm

Hi all,

I don't have any plans to take the 3級 either, but I am using the structure of the JLPT to help guide me in my studies. I would be very interested in joining the group as well if that is okay. I just started working on the Unicom 3級 grammar book this week and I am finding it to be very good. I also have 90% of the vocabulary and kanji down for this level (the grammar and listening are my weak points).

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RE: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by EvanT » Fri 01.25.2008 6:04 am

BTW...umm... Pork Chop *grin* (just noticed the name)... do you know someone who's willing to sub for a "teacher"? I remember that last year Cocoさん filled that role, but what about this year?

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RE: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by Spikeygal » Fri 01.25.2008 2:54 pm

I'm up for contributing what I can, but I may have trouble being very active for a little while - I've got GCSEs and modules and coursework all starting to catch up with me. Even so, I'd like to hop on the bandwaggon. :D

GMT (England)

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RE: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by coco » Sat 01.26.2008 10:30 am

Pork Chop-san,
I'm not sure if this would be useful, or my poor English might not make sense. But let me tell you some facts/impressions of chat studies that we've held from 2006.

Regular/active members of JLPT3Q 2007 were almost from JLPT4Q 2006 chat study members. When we started the chat group in 4Q 2006, many people temporarily joined it, but we knew who were going to be core members. They passed the 4Q, and then 3Q group was created, so I could easily imagine their sincere attitudes toward learning. The luckiest thing to me is that they know how time is precious. They (most members are working people) know how to organize the group, how to respect each other also.

To make the session more effective, we used forum threads and Wagawiki as follows.

1) The Grammar list was posted on the thread previous to the chat session.
2) Before participating in the each session, we prepared to learn the grammar. (Using the thread, we posted some quizzes.)
3) The session was logged and disclosed for the member who could not participate in the session. It was also used for a review by participants. (Our session log is on Wagawiki.)
4) After the session, they made a post to make some questions clear, as needed. (I couldn't explain well many of questions.) Then they got an answer/advice from skilled members on the forum.
5) Added the Wagawiki articles of related grammar as needed.

These are my impression.
1) Having the chat session at least once a week is not so easy.
The pace to have the chat study continuously until end of November is most important.
One of the reasons why some chat study groups didn't continue is considered to be difficulties to make a preferable pace (frequency) of holding the sessions. But to make a pace of holding the session for the JLPT is much easier than other chat groups because the exam date is fixed.

2) Finding the active/cooperative members.
If you are the only person who can organize the group, sooner or later you would get tired of holding the session. Before July, find the members whose seriousness for the JLPT is the same as yours. After October, the participants who are not going to take JLPT will not be able to follow your avidity.

3) Time setting is most difficult.
Before holding the periodic sessions, to set the schedule at the different time might be worth to consider. For instance, I think CST 20:00-22:00 is GMT 02:00-04:00. It looks too late/early for members in Europe. As for our previous group, active members were fromGMT+9 to GMT-5 time zones, so we could manage the schedule.

4) Merits and demerits of setting the password.
- You won't be bothered by someone who wants to ask you irrelevant topics.
( e.g."What does the Dattebayo mean?", "Don't you think X is KAWAII?)
- You might miss a chance to get great help from someone (s/he joins there by chance) who is able to teach you Japanese.
- set and informed a password was kind of troublesome. ( I think if the new website has a mailing-list function, it wouldn't be troublesome.)

In case you didn’t know, TJP are going to move to new site. As far as I understand, you can use “Organic groups“ functions on a new website running by Drupal. It seems that you can have your group home page and subscribers. So to post vocabularies, kanji, and specific grammar points on a group home page would probably be more easy to use, hopefully. (I may be wrong since I’m not familiar with IT things nor English.)

4Q (07) takers will receive the results of JLPT by March at the latest, so more people would be interested in your group at that time. (I guess we would move to new website by March at the latest, maybe.)

Thanks for reading my English which causes you headaches.
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Pork Chop
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RE: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by Pork Chop » Mon 01.28.2008 5:45 pm

説明して下さって誠に有難うございます :-)
自分の好きのはスレッドに宿題とか書き込んで、そして誰かが質問があったらスレッドに聞いて、皆スレッドかプライベートで答えて、相談する。 皆色々なTZにいる訳。
Obviously, your English is a lot better than my Japanese :)
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Re: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by Blossom » Sun 04.20.2008 5:54 am

Hello evryone!
I ve been trying to learn japanese by myself but it s not working..
I think through this group we can share our information about it..


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Re: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by Qaantar » Sun 04.20.2008 8:13 pm

I joined the 2008 study group for sankyuu, but unless if I'm reading something incorrectly, it looks dead?

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Re: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by Triddy » Wed 04.23.2008 11:19 pm

So, what's going to happen with the 3級 2008 group? Is anyone going to bother making it?

I'm intending on attempting 3級 without having done 4級. A study group like this would help immensely. As it is, it is kinda daunting for a person who does not know anything about the tests.

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Re: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by Blossom » Sun 04.27.2008 7:36 am

Hi, I became a member because I hope I could find people interested..I think in group we can learn faster than alone right?
Maybe we could meet in any chat and talk abt how to make it...Time to begin our studies for this year !! :D

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Re: JLPT 3級 2008

Post by sandhya » Mon 06.23.2008 1:12 pm

hi.i m going to take Jlpt 03 this year but i din't find any Jlpt related listening on net.plz if posible then send me exact website name so dat i can go 4 dat JLPT 03 listening.its my weekest point.

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