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Postby Ino » Mon 04.21.2008 6:21 pm

Ok, so maybe this doesn't belong in this section, but maybe it does. Anyway, I have a Japanese summer exchange student coming this summer for a couple of weeks and the people running the program said that we need to get them welcome presents. So my question for you all is what is a good present to get for a Japanese exchange student?
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Re: Presents

Postby richvh » Mon 04.21.2008 6:29 pm

Something inexpensive that has some connection to your city/area; a t-shirt, a personalized pencil, a picture postcard... If you search the archives, you'll find other suggestions.
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Re: Presents

Postby two_heads_talking » Tue 04.22.2008 12:20 pm

Yep, RichVh speaks true. Make the gift something that easily remind your guest of his/her visit to your city/state(home)..
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Re: Presents

Postby becki_kanou » Tue 04.22.2008 12:59 pm

Some of the kids I teach did a homestay in Australia, and they gave their host-families little scrapbooks that they'd made with pictures of their families, local landmarks, famous foods etc. They were cheap, easy to make, and needless to say the host-families loved them. If you have some artistic skills, that might be an idea to consider.

Also, I'm new here, so よろしく to everyone!

-Becki Kanou
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