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first anime you have watched

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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby everdream » Sun 11.25.2007 10:35 am

The first anime I watched through to the end was 'Serial Experiments Lain"
It's really good, except at times it can be really confusing, and takes many watches to even begin to comprehend it.
Actually, it's amazing, in my opinion.
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby nabilahforever » Sun 11.25.2007 10:48 am

dragonball i think
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby Majik4ever » Sun 11.25.2007 3:25 pm

The first anime I ever saw was a movie about somthing that looked like sonic the hedge hog(only black) and he had to go save some princess wich I belive was put in sort of bubble?
I don't know what the name of it was. Grr..
Well any way the first one I can remember the name is Gundam
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby xXsayukiXx » Tue 11.27.2007 7:33 pm

I can't remember the first anime I saw....I've started watching animes since I was born :) but I do remember that the first subbed anime that I saw was D.N.Angel〜
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby Shoj_Blade » Fri 12.07.2007 9:15 am

Wait, which do you mean: Which anime was the very first one you've seen in life, or the very first one you've devoted yourself to watching?

I believe Pokemon was the first one I've ever seen. Lol. And I can't quite remember which one I intentionally tried to watch. Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, eh... I'm pretty sure it was a Dub on Adult Swim. ;D

Or maybe it was on Toonami, like Rurouni Kenshin. Yuyu Hakusho? Never mind, I don't remember at all.
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby Alghazanth » Mon 12.10.2007 3:23 am

Detective Conan and DBZ . Not sure which one was the first.
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby EnnLi » Mon 12.10.2007 3:32 am

Mine was Cardcaptor Sakura and then Samurai X C:
I've never watched Sailormoon before.
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Re: first anime you have watched

Postby Princesskana » Thu 04.03.2008 3:57 pm

Hmmm... I think it was Pokemon, and that was also my first handheld videogame. lol. BUT I loved Sailor Moon and DBZ. Man, I remember crying when they cancelled it on Toonami. And they had the cool Toonami guy back then too. BUT those TV shows aren't the reason I am hooked to Japan. I had a storybook when I was little that was about a Dragon that got too big for his house and something with blueberry pancakes. idk why, but I also liked Hamtarro, and there was Yuyu Hakashou or however ya spell it. AND then there was like 007 or 009 with all the cryogenic robot people. Anyone remember that? They wore red suits. One of em had a collossal nose. yeah!
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Re: first anime you have watched

Postby two_heads_talking » Thu 04.03.2008 4:11 pm

the first anime I ever watched was momotaro.
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Re: first anime you have watched

Postby atreya » Fri 04.04.2008 4:01 am

First anime in Japanese would be - Chobits.. XD
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Re: first anime you have watched

Postby IndigoKitsune42 » Thu 04.10.2008 5:51 pm

My first anime was probably Adventures of the Little Koala, sadly I don’t remember seeing all of the episodes. This is one of those shows that I really want to buy, but I can’t seem to find it any where.
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Re: first anime you have watched

Postby cixeraz » Thu 04.10.2008 6:55 pm

The Fist Anime i watched was Naruto
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Re: first anime you have watched

Postby mae-art » Thu 05.08.2008 3:43 am

I watched anime since I was very very young. Mine was Candy Candy.

Such a long time ago.... :oops:
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Re: first anime you have watched

Postby GraceyLike » Thu 05.08.2008 11:25 am

=] My first anime was Pokemon, when I was about 4/5. =D
I still love it now :D
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Re: first anime you have watched

Postby Zuzuna » Sat 05.10.2008 9:00 am

The first anime I've watched was Pokemon. Well, I didn't know that it was an anime until one year ago...
I'm still an amateur.
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