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The Shonen-Shoujo Migration

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The Shonen-Shoujo Migration

Postby Kirankiran » Sat 05.17.2008 8:50 pm

Has anyone else noticed how when most people start anime and manga, they generally gravitate towards the shonen aisles, but as time goes on, they go more and more to the shoujo areas? Or is it just me? And if it's not just me, why do you think people do that?

For example, one of my friends was really tomboy when I first met her. She read ONLY shonen, ever, like Claymore, D Gray Man, and Chronicles of the Cursed Sword. (She was never into the MAINSTREAM animes . . . ) But later on, she went on to read instead Ouran High School Host Club, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Fushugi Yuugi. It's not just her, either, and the only exception to this rule that I've seen is one kid who only ever reads Case Closed/Detective Conan.
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Re: The Shonen-Shoujo Migration

Postby Sairana » Sun 05.18.2008 1:14 am

I'd say it's a maturity / growing up issue.

The same reason kids move on from watching saturday morning cartoons to more relationship-oriented teen shows and dramas, or from spider-man comics to novels. Not to say that you ever completely give up the more "fun" stuff... most people still hang onto their favorites, but tastes change as you get older.
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