Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

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RE: Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

Post by requemao » Tue 12.20.2005 10:41 pm

Warning: very long and detailed post ahead. Read at your own risk.
I won't say what each anime is about because these are quite well-known, but feel free to ask about any of them.

If you go for empathetic characters you will like Chobits, even if it looks a bit shoujo at first (believe me, I'm a 25-year-old guy and I loved it). There is little plot in the first half of the series, but when the thrill begins you get really hooked to it.

Another series with characters you will find empathetic is Full Metal Panic. Everything is great in that anime: good music, awesome animation, some original characters, lots of action, very funny gags every now and then... Its sequels "Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu" and "Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid" are even better. Fumoffu leaves action aside and is more of an extremely hilarious romantic comedy. The Second Raid is action again, much more explicitly violent than before, with much more insight into characters' psichology and much more touching than ever. Anyone who has ever sobbed at least once watching a movie will surely cry a river in some certain episode of The Second Raid.

Wolf's Rain is even more insightful, but far less obvious. The characters' personality is not always explicitly shown, but rather implied or suggested. Four of its episodes are each a review of all the series up to that point, each one from the point of view of one character; if you find this idea boring, don't go for this anime or you'll be bored to death. Most of the characters are quite different from the usual cliches, which is great, but the plot evolves quite slowly, which can be boring (it was for me). The music is perhaps the best I've heard in anime up until now, and the drawing and animation are also excellent. The voices are very expressive, and each suits perfectly, but not too obviously, the personality of its character.

Everyone talks about Naruto. It is very original among fight-type anime: every fight is different, there is brainwork in the way fights are won, and there are lots (and I mean lots) of different characters with different and very original fighting styles. The drawing is average, except that the eyes of most characters are very distinctive. The voices are quite good (some scenes are more than excellent: that one when Haruno Sakura cries the death of a teammate will make you feel as if the dead one was a friend of yours). On the other hand, there is little plot and it goes slowly (as usual in this kind of anime), since most of the time it is all about fights.

Trigun has little insight into characters at the beginning, but when things get serious you begin to learn the truth about the main character and why he behaves the strange way he does. He behaves like a goof, always talking and acting silly, but he more you find out about him, the more you understand his feelings and his deep suffering.

Don't hesitate to ask for more details on any of these if you want to now what they are about!
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RE: Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

Post by Saruwatari » Mon 12.26.2005 11:31 pm

My favorite is Naruto... =) It's gotta be the best! I like Bleach too.
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RE: Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

Post by Roiesword » Mon 12.26.2005 11:41 pm

For me, its a mix between naruto, bleach, and the law of ueki.
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RE: Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

Post by LustBaka » Thu 07.06.2006 3:52 pm

ナルト and 鋼の 錬金術師
naruto and fullmetal alchemist:D

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RE: Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

Post by purelunatic » Fri 07.07.2006 12:19 pm

--ongoing series--
--complete series'--
rurouni kenshin
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RE: Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

Post by Chris Hart » Sat 07.08.2006 7:37 pm

purelunatic wrote:

--complete series'--

evangelion <------------BEST ANIME EVER
I have to agree. That one makes you think about a lot of things. I am trying to find the mangas for it, as they are usually developed even more.

If you like strange situations, you may also like maho sensi negima, although it is definately a totally different type.

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Re: Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

Post by japanfreak » Tue 03.11.2008 9:15 am

Fate/Stay Night. Great action, solid characters and really good voicing. A must-watch!

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Re: Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

Post by AJBryant » Tue 03.11.2008 4:51 pm

Cool, a two-year necropost.

We really need a contest each month for the most egregious necropost.


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Re: Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

Post by mae-art » Thu 05.08.2008 4:55 am


My life-time favorite manga. Wishing I had this kind of friend :lol:

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Re: Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

Post by fluffysheepy » Mon 05.19.2008 7:54 am

I really really love Code Geass! :D
ohgosh its so addictive!<33
like suspense+wit+everything else!
Okay maybe not humor but Lelouch is just WOW.
D.Gray Man=Allen Walker=<3333

okay hot anime guys aside, i do watch it for the plot and all too!

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Re: Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

Post by SilverL » Mon 05.19.2008 5:23 pm

naruto +shippuuden

black lagoon best anime ever!!!!!!!!

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Re: Favorite Japanese Language Anime??

Post by luna1999 » Tue 06.03.2008 12:41 am


La Corda d'Oro - about music
Rozen Maiden
Inu Yasha

.hack//sign - I watched it dubbed however, so I don't know how the original sounds, also it is kind of confusing unless you've read the manga, but the story is really good.

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