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Post by priya_j » Fri 10.14.2005 2:57 am

Hiiii every1,

Dozo yoroshiku!.Im very new to this forum!.So far i've heard & seen only technical forums.Amazed to see the one like this!!.Ok first let me introduce myself.Im from India.Watashi wa nihongo ho yon kyuu ni naratte imasu(Im learning Japanese of level 4 - Correct me if my stmt is wrong).Going to take up the exam on December 4th.Hardly few more weeks to go.Luckily found this forum!!!. :)

This language is very interesting & am enjoying learning.But..almost going to complete all the lessons..still i find listening somewhat difficult. :(

It would be nice if any of you could give me some tips to improve my listening skills.

Thatz it from me as of now.Will keep u posted if i get any doubts.


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RE: Hello!!

Post by Mariya » Fri 10.14.2005 4:24 am

Konnichiwa, Priya-san. Hajimemashite? Wish you luck in December and hope you will enjoy yourself here...as for the listening issues...there is a thread called "Hey, that's a useful site!" on this forum, try checking that out. :D

Or you could also try the links provided by Clay-san and TheJapanesePage... to the left "Web Links".

Browse through, if you don't happen to find any to suite you, let us know.

[EDIT for spelling of any..]
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