And now for something less outrageous...

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese
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And now for something less outrageous...

Post by Bulgar » Thu 05.22.2008 8:29 am

All right, since I earnestly wanted help with specific grammar points, I will post sentences that are less off-the-wall and more down to Earth. (The support-conversation shtick was supposed to make things slightly less boring, but that just made it annoying.)

Without further ado...

①: なんで私を困らせているか?
   Why (are you) bothering me?

   Point: The agents of intransitive causative sentences are marked by 「を」.

②: 私は大切な事をした方がいい、例えば作曲を練習したり、宿題を完了したりするね。
   I should do something important, like practice (musical) composition or complete my homework and stuff like that, shouldn't I?

   Point: Can 例えば be used right after 方がいい like that?

③: 先生は学生に「私はクラスで悪いファンフィクションを書いては行けません」と100回書かせた。
   The teacher made the student write "I will not write bad fanfiction in class" 100 times.

   Point: Am I using the causatives properly?

Do not limit yourself to just the points I bring up. Correct anything wrong with these sentences.

EDIT 1: Corrected the sentences, per AJBryant's suggestions.
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Re: And now for something less outrageous...

Post by AJBryant » Thu 05.22.2008 8:52 am

The trouble with the first sentence is that you are using a passive form of the verb (i.e., "I am being bothered"). You need to use CAUSATIVE.

In my mind, 大した事 isn't so much "something important" -- it's more like "Something Big." I'm trying to think of how best to explain it, but what immediadely comes to mind is a reply to "Hey, you play the piano well" -- "大した事ない、よ." (And that shouldn't be "ね?" -- it should be "ね。" -- ね isn't a question here, it's a statement.

Personally, I'd break that second one into TWO sentences, with a full stop instead of the first comma.

The last sentence I'd change from 私はクラスで悪いファンフィクションを書かない to 私はクラスで悪いファンフィクションを書いては行けません (changing "I don't write" to "I must not write"). In this sentence you have the correct causative form of the verb. Use it to correct the first sentence.


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