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Postby Raekenzi » Sun 10.16.2005 2:54 am

Just thought it would be best to say hi and introduce myself (good place for it, eh?) I'm Raekenzi from SF, CA. I'm very happy to find this website. I've taken some Japanese classes (about two years ago during college) and last year I did a little bit of private lessons. Recently moved to this new city of mine (to go to school for Fashion Design). I have a huge interest in Japanese Street Fashion as well as the culture of Japan. I made a couple of friends from Japan last month when they came here for an event between our schools.

Everything about this site looks very useful and I look forward to increasing my knowledge with the help it gives me!

Oh I'm going to Japan in January. Need to buy my ticket soon. I will be there for almost 3 weeks (we get 1.5 months vacation at my school. Yay!!)

Take Care,

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RE: Hello!

Postby Zeo » Sun 10.16.2005 8:36 am


Welcome to this page:)

Have fun in Japan when that time comes:D
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RE: Hello!

Postby Mariya » Sun 10.16.2005 9:34 am

Hiya...welcome :) Hope you enjoy it here and learn lots!

You are very lucky, your going to Japan...you will love it there :D
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RE: Hello!

Postby ShinDig » Sun 10.16.2005 11:05 am

nice to meet ya ;)..

..dammit Mariya, you beat me on every welcome post this week >.< lol :D
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RE: Hello!

Postby ching103 » Sun 10.16.2005 2:23 pm

Hi, Nice to see you here.

You are very lucky. I am planning to see sakura next year. However, I am afraid the ticket will be every expensive in the sakura season. :(
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RE: Hello!

Postby Raekenzi » Sun 10.16.2005 3:11 pm

Thank you everyone for the very warm welcome!

It will be my first time in Japan, I've been pricing out tickets now, expensive, but you are right, ching103, it will be more expensive for you. :(

I hope I will brush up enough on my Japanese by then!!

Thanks everyone again :D :D :p
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RE: Hello!

Postby nprz » Sun 10.16.2005 3:40 pm

I don't know about when you are traveling, but this site seems to always have specials for a good price, S.F. is one of the places that gets good deals
http://www.jtbusa.com/enhome/sdetail.asp Although it says $399 for weekday travel, they tell you that $100 tax and $72 fuel was not added to the price, so it becomes about $571 roundtrip.
I haven't used it so I can't share personal experience with the company.
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RE: Hello!

Postby Raekenzi » Sun 10.16.2005 11:03 pm

Awesome!! Thanks for the tip!!
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