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Postby pandapaws » Sun 08.28.2005 1:27 pm

HOw do i pronounce best friends foreer, and never forget?
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RE: translation

Postby AJBryant » Sun 10.09.2005 1:12 pm


A plea for clarity.

Which of the following three questions are you asking:

1. How do I pronounce "best friends forever", and never forget how to pronounce it?

For one thing, I have no idea how you could guarantee never fortetting any given pronunciation...

2. How do I pronounce "best friends forever" and "never forget"?

Gee, that punctuation sure is helpful.

3. How do I pronounce "best friends forever, and never forget"?

In which case, it would depend on what you mean, as that's really bad grammar to start with.

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RE: translation

Postby mandolin » Tue 10.11.2005 3:21 am

"never forget" is easy because it's the name of one of my favorite songs.
It is: "wasurenai kara"
'kara' means FROM a place or a point in time.
'made (said ma-day, not like maid)' would be TO a place or point in time

So I guess the intent is, literally: from now, do not forget

And I think you could use it as a statement that you won't ever forget [something] or a plea for someone else not to forget.

The lack of a 'made', I think, expresses infinity -- no stopping point.

I'm pretty sure I've got this right.

Disclaimer, I am going to try and help with this based on observation, I'm really looking for some feedback from someone more knowledgeable to correct this if it's wrong, so don't take the next bit as truth... yet. ----

"best friends forever"

ichiban tomodachi kara

I write it this way sort of relating to 'never forget'... but it might be a bit TOO literal in my english-to-japanese. Heh.

Maybe there is a more appropriate idiom that is used, but I don't know it. :/
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RE: translation

Postby Harisenbon » Tue 10.11.2005 5:09 am


the から in 忘れないから does not mean "from", but rather "because". A more lieral translation would be "Because I won't forget" rather than "never forget". から has multiple meanings based on usage.

"Never Forget" would most simply be translated as 忘れない. If you were saying it TO someone, it would be 忘れないで.

Best friends forever, would probably be something like 永遠の友達 or 永遠の友人
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RE: translation

Postby mandolin » Tue 10.11.2005 10:03 am


Just when I thought I finally had something down. :P I was making stuff up for the best friends forever part but I really thought I had never forget correct.

Back to the books.. but honestly, I think the language is trying its hardest to make sure I never learn it. It hates me. Anthropomorphic languages? You bet'cha! ...

I'm not crazy. Really.
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RE: translation

Postby Kates » Tue 10.11.2005 10:35 am

Harisenbon: How about adding a "kitto" in there? Kitto warurerarenai...?
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RE: translation

Postby InsanityRanch » Tue 10.11.2005 2:21 pm

kesshite wasurenai (de)?
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RE: translation

Postby KeroGero » Sat 10.15.2005 10:05 pm

How about...
何時までも友達 friends forever. Literally, "always friends"
itsu made mo tomo-dachi
何時までも 忘れない never forget. Literally, "always not-forget"
itsu made mo wasurenai
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RE: translation

Postby clay » Sat 10.15.2005 10:17 pm

Shinchan does a play on a famous fairy tale line where the crane (I think I have the right story) says 'I will never forget your kindness' - このご恩は忘れません。 kono goon wa wasuremasen.

From shinchan: このご恩は忘れるまで忘れません。 kono goon wa wasureru made wasuremasen. - 'I will never forget your kindness, until I forget.'
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RE: translation

Postby skrhgh3b » Sun 10.16.2005 1:44 pm

wait, doesn't tom cruise in the last samurai say, 「親切でした・・・・・忘れません・・・。」 his japanese was easy to understand :D
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RE: translation

Postby Spaztick » Sun 10.16.2005 4:16 pm


XD At this sig.
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