Good video series?

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Good video series?

Post by Feba » Sat 06.07.2008 5:24 am

Long story short, I grew up playing video games. The less content there is for me to focus on, the more likely I am to get bored. If I'm listening to something (talk or music), I need something to keep my hands and eyes busy. This obviously makes it hard to focus on audio tracks. Even when I'm watching movies, my hands tend to get bored, and I'll start messing with legos or something.

Basically, I'm looking for a good video series with some structure; either as a standalone thing or alongside a textbook. Freely available online (like many podcasts are) would obviously be preferable, but I haven't seen any that looked like they actually had any course. Everything I've found seemed to just be random videos in Japanese or about Japan, which aren't really useful to me.

Also, if anyone knows of any video games on the subject, that would be great. Shenmue has some stuff, but it's obviously not inclined towards learning the language. I know of that JRPG thing, but when I've tried it it's seemed very low quality, and more oriented towards learning kana/kanji than conversational skills. Everything I've seen for DS seems to also be focused on Kanji review, and closer to being a dictionary than a teaching tool.

Of course, the best option in the long run would be a class (fully interactive! Lifelike facial expressions! Intelligence that will almost make you think they're people!), I realize. You don't need to lecture me on that :D

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Re: Good video series?

Post by piepiepie75 » Sat 06.07.2008 9:29 pm

I'm not sure of any video games that would really do what you're asking. And I'm not sure how useful it would be anyways.

As for video series, try looking for the Let's Learn Japanese Basic video series. There's around fifty half hour lessons in total when you put both series together. The 1st series teaches basic grammar and vocab along with Hiragana. The second series focuses on some more advanced grammar and sentence patterns. I don't think they sell it anymore, so just look for it on YouTube or torrents. There is a textbook that goes along with both, but good luck finding that.

Do everything you can to stay AWAY from a video series called NHK Japanese. For starters, it only teaches you 'survival Japanese'. In other words, (from what I've seen anyways) it's not really trying to give you a foundation for the language, as Let's Learn Japanese Basic does. Instead, it seems intended for those who are making a trip to Japan and want to pick up a bit of the language. Not to mention that NHK Japanese is EXTREMELY lame and corny, and it pretty much low quality all around. Seriously, the acting by the main character guy is just really bad.

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