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"15 Minute Japanese" audio program?

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"15 Minute Japanese" audio program?

Postby Pkmn Trainer Abram » Sun 06.08.2008 1:51 am

I have yet to find many reviews on this product but has anyone learned the basics of the language using it and the minibook that comes with it? It claims that you don't need to learn to write, just use memorization....

Which I find to be a load of bull(though I'm sure it's helped SOMEONE since the book seems like it could be a good vocab builder at least) so I spiced it up by writing the quotes from the book in every lesson, acting out the prompts in the audio course(they are really short compared to Pimsluer....) and doing the daily reviews and writing out my own sentences and conversations using words and phrases I've learned.

At the moment I'm on lesson 2 Week 2 and I seem to be picking up on certain things, though still can't make a sentence out loud unless I write it out or take a minute to form it in my head before saying it. Are there any other things I could be doing to increase the effectiveness audio programs like this?
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