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Re: 日本語のRole・Play

Postby richvh » Sun 06.08.2008 4:43 pm

Okay, let's set it around chapter 8. Yuki has arrived at the city, and has started to establish herself as the best tea ceremony practitioner you ever did see.

Setting: the 都 (capital) of a small 国 (land) in the north of Japan.

Non-player characters:
ゆき - a young woman, going on 16, with a mysterious heritage. Orphaned at a young age, she was brought up by her grandmother in a tiny, poor village. After her grandmother died, she went to the big city to seek her fortune, and thanks to the tea ceremony skills taught her by her grandmother, has been employed by the 女将(おかみ) (proprietress) of the town's 温泉 (hot spring.)
女将 - ゆき's employer, manages the town's 温泉. Her 弟 (younger brother) is a cloth merchant who met Yuki on the road, and wrote a letter to his 姉 (older sister) telling of ゆき's skills in the tea ceremony.
呉服商 - 女将's 弟, owns a clothing store in town, but is currently out of town on business.
若殿 - eldest son of the 国's 殿 (lord), is fascinated by ゆき.
家老 - 殿's chief deputy, also serves as 若殿's tutor.
茶屋 - the town's chief tea merchant, is jealous of ゆき for stealing her customers.
忍者の長 - hired by 茶屋 to "deal" with her rival. Has some sort of connection to the neighboring 国's 大名 (lord.)
狐 - ゆき's non-human protector. After she insisted on giving him a pearl, he gave her some of his tail hairs, which she braided into a bracelet. She can use it to summon him and his clan for help up to 3 times; once has already been used.
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Re: 日本語のRole・Play

Postby Takoyaki » Sun 06.08.2008 9:49 pm

Wakannai wrote:that isn't roleplay, that's round-robin storytelling.

Roleplay without restrictions is like when you are playing police/robbers with your brother.
"I shot you"
"did not, you missed"
"Did so, I hit,"
"Did not!"
"did so!!
"MOOOOM! Jamie is cheating!"

That sounds like it would be interesting to see how it would work in a place like this. I might be accidentally cheating quite often then. So すみません just in case. ^_^
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Re: 日本語のRole・Play

Postby Feba » Mon 06.09.2008 6:00 am

We could have a "first person to say it wins" rule. And also permanent character death. That would hi-larious.

A: I am a humble merchant. I walk up with bags full of wares on my cart, pulled by myself because I cannot even afford an animal to pull it for me.
B: I am a ninja. I slice your arm off. You bleed to death. And you die.
A: *dammit*. Ok. I am a samurai. I have heard reports of a crazed madman attacking passersby. I keep my sword up, and my eyes open.
C: I am also a ninja. Because I'm a goddamn ninja, I hit you from 40 meters away with a shuriken. To those eyes you just had to keep open. You are instantly blinded, and die soon afterwards.
A: *Come on, guys, what the hell* I am a hermit. I've heard many rumours of people being randomly attacked along the merchant roads. I decide to stay at my home, in the middle of a secluded forest.
D: I am a farmer. I'm quietly tending to my crops, when I notice a strange smoke rising from the forest. I run up the hill, to higher ground, and realize that there is a large fire there. I think "Oh, no, that old hermit lives there! There's no way he could've survived this fire!"
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Re: 日本語のRole・Play

Postby john2 » Sat 07.05.2008 8:04 pm

Can you learn jpaanese in the OOC?
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