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Anime suggestions

Post by prue » Sun 06.08.2008 11:22 pm

Can someone please suggest me a really good anime like those kind of Death Note or Naruto...
arigatou in advance for those who will reply... ^_^

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by Hardi_E » Mon 06.09.2008 2:04 am

ヘルシング(Hellsing) maybe? At least those I know who have liked death note, have liked also Hellsing.

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by Feba » Mon 06.09.2008 5:44 am

It would help if you explained why you like them. I personally became interested in Death Note because it took an interesting concept and ran with it, and I continued to read it because it had a lot of 'mind games' and suspense going on. Which is also a couple of the reasons I enjoyed Haruhi. Wildly different shows, but they did have that in common. I'd hardly expect a Death Note fan to enjoy Haruhi, though.

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by piepiepie75 » Mon 06.09.2008 5:53 pm

You might like Jigoku Shoujo. It has the kinda dark theme that Death Note has. But yeah, it would really help to know why you like these anime. I like Death Note because of the whole psychological aspect of it, and the sorta dark theme it has. And I absolutely despise particular reason.

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by Ukeath » Mon 06.09.2008 11:17 pm

Hellsing or maybe the new Devil May Cry anime. I think its kinda cool. I believe vol. 2 just came out

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by prue » Tue 06.10.2008 2:14 am

woah guys, thank you for the reply... I really appreciate it. :)

Well I like Death Note because of the concept (like most of you said), the mind games, the cool characters, unexpected scenes and the many argument it brought up from each episodes. It is like an anime for grown ups yet everybody can enjoy it from all walks of life. The concept is just great and it is kinda familiar also to me back in the days. :)

For those who replied. doumo arigatou gozaimasu
I will try all your recommendations... ^O^

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by segis » Fri 07.25.2008 5:10 am

i think u would like Basilisk (awesome anime, there is also a live action movie Shinobi)
Alot of awesome samurais hehe ;3
And they have made anime of Blade of the immortal and that can become good ^^

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by loganbell » Wed 07.30.2008 1:55 pm

i think it's great :D bleach stream is a good site to watch, they're in japanese and have english subtitles

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by Whiptail » Thu 08.14.2008 6:15 pm

I would say Bleach as well, realy awsome series.

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by m_ » Fri 08.15.2008 6:12 am

Ghost Hunter and Claymore are great, though a bit short, I would have preferred them to be longer with more episodes.

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by LoudAssNinja » Mon 08.18.2008 2:28 pm

There's some pretty good ones out from Type-Moon, they've got Shingetsutan Tsukihime (Lunar Legend), and Fate Stay Night. Tsukihime is a bit on the shorter side, but if you like Death Note you would really like Tsukihime. Its a darker themed (somewhat) and the fights aren't half bad. I didn't really watch much of Fate-Stay Night. But that's another popular anime from Type-Moon.

If you want some action though, I might reccomend Black lagoon. I've been watching the first few episodes and its pretty good, decent gun fights an such.

Or if you just sorta want an every day anime you could go with BECK. Its about a Garage band that wants to hit it big, that and the music is REALLY good.

I don't really watch anime too much though. Though, The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya would be a good idea for you if you like mind games. I would also say, watch it in the "Original, Broadcast order" for even further mind games. :D

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by Kenitai » Sun 09.21.2008 2:45 am

Here are a bunch:

Bleach (if you like samurai & ghosts)
Fullmetal Alchemist (if you like alchemy magic and your favorite character left to die in the mid of it)
Samurai champloo (again, if you like samurai and hip-hop)
Hajime No Ippo (if you like Boxing sports and funny jokes)
School Rumble (if you like jokes!)
7 Samurai (if you like samurai and mech-like robots)
One Piece (if you like pirates and weird characters)
Dragonball (if you like fighting)
Dragonballz (if you like hardcore fighting)
Xxxholic (highly recommended if you like ghosts and ghoststories etc)
Chobits(if you like japanese cyber maids)
Monster (highly recommended if you like a thriller anime)
Patlabor (if you like mech-robots)
Gundam wing (if you like mech-robots and wars)
Wolf's Rain (if you like wolves who can turn into humans)
Trigun (if you like cowboys in westerns mixed with cyber technology)
Macross (again, if you like mech-robots who can turn into F-16's or whatever)
Capeta (if you like motorracing)
Great Teacher Onizuka (if you like a gangster teacher)

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by Hoshi4hikaru » Wed 10.15.2008 1:09 pm

Gurren Lagann- I loved this one to death, it made of list of top 5. You really get to see the main character grow up and there is part one and two in this series. The main character Simon is 14 then 7 years in the future past and he's older. It's about humans living underground when they later fight to live on the earth's surface and in the future, they live for the right to live.
Gintama-I have little sense of humor but this anime got me laughing. This anime is weird and it always makes fun of other anime like Death note and Naruto.
Hitman reborn- I had my doubts but I came to really like this anime. It's about a boy that a good for nothing hense his nickname. But he gets chosen to be leader of the the italian mafia, it gets serious in a few arcs.
Gundum 00-About a group that attack the most powerful countries army in the name of peace. They bring about peace in their own way, by fear or just making all the countries hate them.
Gilgamesh-watching it now, Pretty good.....Haven't finished it yet so I can't say much
I've watched others but these are the only ones I can think of at the moment. Hope I gave some good suggestions, now I'm going to try 7 Samurai.

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by yukamina » Wed 10.15.2008 8:03 pm

Maybe D. Grayman?

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Re: Anime suggestions

Post by Kalas » Wed 12.03.2008 2:50 pm

Macross Frontier

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