How to unregister from TJP?

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Re: How to unregister from TJP?

Post by richvh » Sun 06.15.2008 3:30 pm

I note mention of premium services, and that not all information will be removed from their systems.
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Re: How to unregister from TJP?

Post by chikara » Sun 06.15.2008 8:44 pm

ocetalo wrote:"unregister", "unsuscribe", I can't see the difference, so I apologize for not being a forum admin, a webmaster, an Internet geek, not even reaching to the state of the average Internet user. ......
The difference between "unregister" (if that is an actual word. In English the opposite of "register" is "deregister") and "unsuscribe" is a function of the English language and predates both computers and the internet by more than a few years.
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