Servus, or should I rather say Konnichi wa!

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Watashi wa doczenith desu
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Servus, or should I rather say Konnichi wa!

Post by Watashi wa doczenith desu » Tue 10.18.2005 8:05 am

Well I started my Japanese lessons 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately my German, is not as good as my English, but I have no choice here, but to take Japanese lessons through German. :o( Anyways, its still fun. I don't know why I all of a sudden want to learn Japanese. It hit me like a speeding train. Suddenly this is all I really want to do. I am practicing everyday, as much as I can. I have only had two lessons so far and my third one is today and its only a total of 8 courses. So I wont be learning much from that unfortunately.

I have been able to memorize half the hiragana symbols so far, once thats done, I will go over to katakana and kanji. Yet, that is pretty useless if one's grammar is horrible. I assume that grammar is what most people are having trouble with, what kills me the most are when to use which particles... Argh... I am already frustrated, but hey I am still pushing, I am not going to give up. I hope all will go well and that after a lot of time and investment, I shall be headed towards the right path in no time!

I would be very happy to chat with someone on MSN that is somewhat in my level and is interested in learning together, teaching each other things, back and forth, MSN style.

I am also curious to know how you guys planned out your studying. When you first started and how you started. There is soooo much to learn, especially on this website its rather difficult where to start... :(

You would be doing great charity with your advice. :) haha
Thanks in advance!

Dr. Z;)

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RE: Servus, or should I rather say Konnichi wa!

Post by Zeo » Tue 10.18.2005 11:32 am


Welcome to this page:)
I'm sure you'll learn alot:)

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RE: Servus, or should I rather say Konnichi wa!

Post by Daisuke » Tue 10.18.2005 2:37 pm

Hey! ;) ..

I hope you will learn lots here!..

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RE: Servus, or should I rather say Konnichi wa!

Post by shikitohno » Thu 10.27.2005 10:18 pm

Well, I'm pretty new here, but I'd definitely recommend going here on the site. I'd been trying to learn hiragana for a while, and I've already got the first 10 fairly well. Every one has about 3-5 words you can write with the characters you know so far. It really helps you feel a sense of accomplishment. Also, it has a quiz every five characters.

Right now, I'm starting to learn to speak with the living language basic japanese course. I got real annoyed with it because everything was done in Romaji, and I didn't want to get used to that. So, I'm going to learn my katakana and hiragana on here, and then go and do the whole thing using them.

I've been wanting to learn for about 5 years, but it was really practical until recently. I also found a local university that'll let me take credited Japanese courses. It's $425 to take the course and then the test. If I pass each test, I get one under graduate credit for each level. By the way, I'd have to get an MSN account, but I'd love to have someone to learn with. And you know German, which I also wanted to learn.

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RE: Servus, or should I rather say Konnichi wa!

Post by sick_puppy882 » Sat 10.29.2005 8:16 am

I can chat with you via MSN if you're interested.

I've been learning for about 5 months, I know the kana and I'm studying kanji atm. If you're interested, just pm me ;).

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